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Multan City Profile


Multan Division lies between north latitude 29′-22′ and 30′-45 and east longitude 71′-4′ and 72′-4’55. It is located in a bend created by five confluent rivers. The Sutlej separates it from Bahawalpur District and the Chenab from Muzaffar Garh district. District Multan is spread over an area of 3,721 square Kilometers comprising of following four tehsils.

  1. Multan Cantonment
  2. Multan Sadar
  3. Shujabad
  4. Jalalpur Pirwala


5,630 sq. miles (approximately) / 3,721 square Kilometers


1872000 (Updated-2017)


About 215 meters (740 feet) above sea level.


Vast plain ground dissected by rivers, canals and narrow water channels

Best Season:

October to March (Temperature and rainfall figures quoted are based on ten years of research but may vary slightly) Population Census Organization Report 1981 published in 1984.


District Multan has an extreme climate. The extreme temperature of Multan in summer is 49ºC whereas 1ºC in winter. The average rainfall is 127 mm. The land of the district is plain and very fertile. However, the portions of tehsils Multan and Shujabad close to the river Chenab are flooded during monsoons season.

Important Statistics

Police StationsPolice PostsMauzasTotal Union CouncilsUrban Union councilsRural Union CouncilsCantt. Boards
Multan Div.941235425401144261

How to get there in Multan?

By Air:

Multan has an airport about 10 Km from city P.I.A.. operates daily flightS between Karachi-Lahore-ls1amabad via Multan.

By Rail:

Multan is connected by rail with all parts of the country and .lies on the main track between Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Quetta.

By road:

Multan has connection with other cities by bus and coach. Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab operate a regular deluxe coach service between Lahore and Multan.

Fairs and Festivals

Multan is famous for traditional and religious fairs and festivals. There were a .lot of saints whose shrines are the asse’ of Muslims. At every shrine annual. festivals are held Outskirts of Multan are known for fairs and other gatherings.

What to Buy

Glazed pottery, Camel skin products, Cotton Fabrics and Handwoven Carpets.

Where to Stay

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