Multan City Historical Gates


This gate named Pak Gate not due to Pakistan, but because of the Saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. When he died on 33rd Shahban 1010 H, Firstly he was buried in Uch Shareef near his Father Syed Hamid Gunj Buksh. Then when his son saw his Grand Father in Dream Instructing him to get Musa out from his foot side, then he was buried again at “Moza Mungay Hatti”.

After 15 years his son has another dream who lives in Multan to give Musa back to Multan. Your followers have full faith in you. So, they bring you to Multan. The Gate used to bring your body at that time is still called Pak Gate. 300 feet inside Pak Gate you will find the Mazar of Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed.


The Gate used to bring your “Haram” is still there and called Haram Gate.


This Gate is named “Dehli” as this faces towards the Dehli-India and this road leads towards Dehli. During the Mughal Period, whenever the Kings or State Guests visits Multan they entered through this gate.


This City Gate has vanished in the early days. Only the name is alive & the place where it was to be. It is thought that the Gate called “Doulat Gate”, because of the Mazar of “Pir Doulat Shah” which is on the front of the Gate. The Mazar is still there and people come and pay visits. Now due to modernization and enhancements of the circular road across the city this “Mazar” comes between the two road & only the tomb area left. The Green Tomb of the Mazar is now between the two busy roads.


This Gate faced towards the River Ravi. Once when Multan was a busy river port. This Gate is the main entrance for the food supply and communication. The gate called Bohar because outside this gate there are too many “Bohar” trees. Now with the passage of time, the river changed its way and the trees cut down. Now you can see the commercial centers around Bohar Gate.


In Urdu “Loha” means Iron. The gate named Lohari because the outside vicinity of this gate many LOHARI lives and they have their workshops there.

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