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Future Industrial Potential

Keeping in view the availability of raw material, skilled labor, industrial units, local/national/international demand, future industrial potential of district Multan is discussed hereunder:-

It would, however, be kept in mind that though the above mentioned factors facilitate the success of any industrial unit, yet the entire success depends upon the investors/entrepreneurs and the capabilities of the personnel having the managerial control. Therefore, it is advisable that the detailed feasibility of industrial project must be carried out before making final decision for investment


Main Crops and fruits of district Multan are wheat, cotton, sugarcane, mangoes and citrus. The average annual production of wheat, sugarcane, mangoes and citrus during the period 1998-2001 was 454, 178, 88 and 50 thousand M. Tons respectively and of cotton was 559 thousand bales. A variety of vegetables are also grown in the district (Chapter-3 Section 3.1).

There are 01 biscuit, 20 cotton textile spinning units, 42 flour mills, 3 fruit juice, 09 solvent oil extraction units, 20 dal mills, 13 vegetable ghee units and a number of cotton ginning/pressing and oil mills already operating in district Multan (Chapter-5). In view of the availability of raw materials and existing agro-based industries, there still exists wide scope for value added textile products , glucose/starch , fruit concentrates and basic manufacturing of pesticides.


As per Punjab Development Statistics, 2000, the population of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goat was 340, 379, 99 and 471 thousand heads respectively. As regards poultry, there are 518 broiler, 37 layer and 8 breeding poultry farms having rearing capacity of 7515, 178 and 103 thousand birds respectively.

The annual availability of hides and skins is estimated at 103 thousand pieces (Chapter-3, Section 3.3). There are 40 tanning units of various sizes already operating in the district. In view of the above, there exists good prospect for milk processing/dairy products units, ice cream, animal/poultry feed, dairy farms, cattle/sheep/goat fattening farms, meat/poultry processing unit, leather garments, leather footwear, etc.


District Mianwali is quite rich in minerals. Argillaceous Clay, Coal, Dolomite, Fire Clay, Gypsum, Limestone, Silica Sand and Rock Salt are excavated in commercial qualities. There is one cement factory operating in the district.

However, there exists good scope for Dolomite Processing, Fire Bricks/Refractories, Hollow Glass-ware, Insulators/Capacitors and Ceramics Sanitary-ware. A careful study may also reflect a potential for a Coal based power generation unit, a Soda Ash unit based on Rock Salt and a steel mill based on iron-ore.


In district Multan, a variety of industrial units are operating including cotton / woolen textile, fruit juice/beverage, fertilizer and chemical, glass, pharmaceutical, vegetable ghee, tannery units and various types of engineering goods industries, etc.

In view of existing industries, there exists good scope for foundry and forging, galvanized iron pipes, nuts/bolts, machine tools, hand tools, auto parts, tanning chemicals, paints, pharmaceutical, glass ampule, plastic products, tin making for packing of chemicals and vegetable ghee, lint cleaners for ginning factories.


Multan district is the most industrially developed district in the southern Punjab. Therefore, in view of the national requirements and in particular of Southern Punjab, there exist very good scope for telephone/electric poles, insecticides/pesticides, motor tyres/tubes, fibre glass products, hospital furniture, collapsible tubes, cosmetics, household appliances, cutlery and utensils, dyes and pigments, ceramics, steel sanitary fittings, electrical accessories/fittings.


As per discussion given in section 6.1 to 6.4, the following industrial projects have been identified for investment in district Multan.

– Auto Parts
– Animal/Poultry Feed
– Ceramics
– Cosmetics
– Collapsible Tubes
– Cutlery and Utensils
– Cattle/Sheep/Goat Fattening Farms
– Dairy Farms
– Dyes and Pigments
– Electrical Accessories/Fittings
– Fruit Concentrate
– Foundry and Forging
– Fibre Glass Products
– Glass Ampoule
– Glucose/Starch
– Galvanised Iron Pipes Hand Tools
– Hospital Furniture
– Household Appliances
– Ice-Cream
– Insecticides/Pesticides
– Leather Garments
– Leather Footwear
– Lint Cleaners for Ginning Factories
– Machine Tool
– Mango Processing
– Motor Tyres/Tubes
– Meat/Poultry Processing
– Milk Processing/Dairy Products
– Nuts/Bolts
– Paints
– Pharmaceutical
– Plastics Products
– Solvent Oil Extraction
– Steel Re-rolling Mills
– Steel Sanitary Fitting
– Tanning Chemicals
– Telephone/Electric Poles
– Textile Value Added Products
– Tin-making for packing of vegetable ghee and chemicals

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