Shujabad Town :

This historical tehsil of Multan district is located at 45 Km at the south of Multan district.The river which flow this city is known as Chenab river. This is connected with neighborhood towns with the proper network of road. It is highly populated tehsil, which contains more than 6 lac citizens.
Name of the city was dedicated to Nawab Shuja Khan who was the founder of this city. Initially it was a fort and was constructed in 1750. Nawab Shuja Khan was an outstanding personality at his time. He was governor of the Punjab.  His tomb is located near the city.

Delicious mangoes have become recognition of this city. The mango research center rendering its services and guidance to the mango growers through out the Punjab.

Shujabad TV. Booster is playing a key role for communicating and Broadcasting updates in the whole south Punjab.

City System

It is properly construed city in which there is arrangement of bazaar is symmetrical. There are four main markets with in the walled city i.e. Multani Bazaar, Rasheed Shah Bazaar, Rail Bazaar and Chotaka Bazaar. Chandni Chowk is center of all the Bazaars. There are four exits from the city i.e. Multani Gate, Rasheed Shah Gate, Chotaka Gate and Railway Gate. In the ancient time all the Gates were locked at night. Only little outlet were being used for in coming and out going.

Railway station is a little far from city at 2.5 km. Shujabad Municipal Committee was cformed in 1885. Shujabad Town comprises of 17 number of Union council.