Functions :

Like all the other towns there should be Town Municipal Authority (TMA) which will consist of a Town Nazim, Town Municipal Officer, Town Officers and other officers of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the TMA. The TMA will be responsible for spatial planning regard  development and municipal services (water, sanitation, solid waste, roads and streets, street lights, graveyards, fire fighting, traffic engineering, abattoirs, parks and open spaces) in a town of the city district, except those functions which for technical or other reasons are retained with the City District Government. The town municipal authority will be responsible for the proper investments and check and balance of other essential municipal services.

Functions and Powers of Town Officers :

  • Ensure that the Official Work of the office under his administrative control is carried out in accordance with law and the human and material resources placed at his disposal are optimally utilized to improve governance.
  • Proper coordination  and support to all dependent authorities.
  • Supply proper report and feedback to monitoring committee of town council.
  • Take suitable actions on the reports provided by the monitoring committees.
  • Enforce the laws done by federal government and take corrective measurements.
  • Prepare development plans and propose a proper budget to relevant needs.
  • Distribution of allowances and bounces to employees on the base of their performance.
  • Propose relevant Bye-laws on service delivery to the Town Municipal Officer.
  • Act as Departmental Accounting Officer for his respective office and be responsible to the Accounts Committee of the Town Council.