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Multan Craft Bazar

Multan Craft Bazar is the Place where all craftsmen from around this city of saints have come together to make and display the finest hand made crafts. In this mechanical and unsteady age we still find the amazing and soothing handy work from those masterminds. They come under one roof and display the best out of their creative hands. Some finest and handpicked work in all kinds of handmade products is in show here at Multan Craft Bazaar, the place where everlasting Work of these amazing artists is waiting to be extolled in a premium way. The unforgettable pieces of master art and wonderful sense of creativity makes you fall for these admirable artists’s work.

All together there are 18 various craftsmen and women giving rise to their master pieces in their different and unique way. The fields and theme of work is different but the skill and authenticity of their creativity reflects their genuineness and incredible sense of legitimacy. While starting to explore this place named Multan Craft Bazar, on the right you see a craftswoman named Rasheeda Begum present in the Embroidery Shop as her family has been showing some extravagant work of Multani Embroidery since her past 3 generations. They use the hand and needle for this work. Rasheeda Begum has been making this Art work since long time and has attained lots of awards and appreciations from people understanding the true soul of this splendid work of art. Next to her is Fatima Bibi, present with her crochet work. The crochet work has been praised due to its genuine beauty and decorativeness for ages. Craftswomen have been using animal’s wool for this work before but in the modern age, thread and wool is used for this purpose. Fatima Bibi and her daughter are making these versatile handmade products attracting art lovers to her excellent work.

Next to this shop is Haq Nawaz, the Ocre maker. The design making on traditional shoe named Khussa is his specialiaty. This art is now being used in traditional calligraphy and in his 30 years work with Ustad Niaz Ahmad Bhatti, he has gained lots of awards including National Crafts Council award. Then comes the exquisite carpet making being worked on a hand loom where a craftsman is busy making the carpets. Shaukat Pawaiz, the carpet maker tells us that he has been associated with this work for more than 60 years now, and his forefathers adopted this centuries ago and since then they are making this wonderful art work which are identity of Multan and the Land itself. It has traveled from the Great Iran and Afghan workers who have shaped into a new stylish way giving it the local impressive touch. A large size carpet which is about almost 2000 Sq. Feet is also made by hands which is a substantiation of how hard working and work loving these poor craftsmen are. Their work is sold in expensive prices but they get nothing as a reward. Moving on you see gleaming and shimmering work of traditional Gota Kinari, the women fall for. A slender and gauzy thread of gold or silver is used for making these fine works. The work itself has become the distinctiveness of the land and is known for the stylish and trendy touch in the work which attracts women all over the Country and throughout the world where Pakistan Exports are known. Ustad Allah Bakhsh, on the next to our way of exploring this wonderful place packed with extensive range of handmade craft products, is making the “Khussa” the traditional shoe which is worn in the local culture. The history starts off from The Alexander so it takes much with it as a history. Ustad Allah Bakhsh himself is making these Khussa for over 80 years. Muhammad Zubair, on the next shop is making the wonderful art of jewelry, and is proud to write 50 books on this art. He is associated with this art since his 4 generations. Zar Dozi is another Art you will find in this crafts heaven. The Artist Khalid Ahmad, The representer In lok Versa, has learnt it from his father and mother and is working on the Zar Dozi since years.


Multan Craft Bazaar is providing these skillful, talented and brilliant artists an opportunity to be under one roof and the actual appreciation they look for their incredible skills and Art work. As Yet, the Multan Craft Bazar is the only place on scene where these brilliant artists can have their work at show to people who are known of the values and standards of handmade art work and want them to keep flourishing their work. There is an immense need to organize and accomplish more places like Multan Craft Bazar in other cities of Pakistan so that craftsmen and craftswomen working in far away places can have their work at show and have the admiration and appreciation they deserve greatly which is necessary to keep all forms of these great art alive and flourish with the passage of time and giving people loving these art the chance to have everything they like in one place.