Functions :

Like all the other towns there should be Town Municipal Authority (TMA) which will consist of a Town Nazim, Town Municipal Officer, Town Officers and other officers of the Local Council Service and officials of the offices entrusted to the TMA. The TMA will be responsible for spatial planning regard  development and municipal services (water, sanitation, solid waste, roads and streets, street lights, graveyards, fire fighting, traffic engineering, abattoirs, parks and open spaces) in a town of the city district, except those functions which for technical or other reasons are retained with the City District Government. The town municipal authority will be responsible for the proper investments and check and balance of other essential municipal services.

Composition :

Provincial Government Departments recognized to the TMA for the following fields :

Local Government and Rural Development Department.
Public Health Engineering Department.
Housing and Town Planning/ Physical Planning Department.
Offices The Local Government Ordinance 2001 describes a broad organizational structure for the TMA.                   This includes four Town Officers (Planning; Infrastructure and Services; Regulation; and, Finance.


UC Locations :

The table which has been showed below is showing the various union councils of Jalalpur Pirwala Town and their relevant locations.


Serial# No. & Name of UCs. Locations of Union Councils
1 Union Council No. 112 Jalalpur City Opposite to the Nirala Sweet Chow Abbas JPP.
2 Union Council No. 113 Jalalpur City Old Tehsil Office, Shujat Pur road Jalalpur City.
3 Union Council No. 114 Drab Pur Basti Shujat Pur.
4 Union Council No. 115 Khanbela Basti Khanbela.
5 Union Council No. 116 Bait Katch Basti Lar Janubi near Nestle Milk Collection Center.
6 Union Council No. 117 Enayyat Pur Basit Enayyat Pur,
7 Union Council No. 118 Ghazi Pur Mauza Behli Basti Old Behli, Ghazi Pur
8 Union Council No. 119 Ali Pur Basti Ali Pur Sadaat.
9 Union Council No. 120 Jahan Pur Basit Jahan Pur
10 Union Council No. 121 Mian Pur Belay Walla Shujabat Multan road opposite to the Govt. H/S Nazik Nagar
11 Union Council No. 122 Karam Ali Walla Basti Hafiz Walla
12 Union Council No. 123 Lalwah Basti Jhandeer, Lalwah
13 Union Council No. 124 Nauraja Bhutta Basti Kanhoon Dera Akram Kanhoon.
14 Union Council No. 125 Kotla Chakar Mauza Kotla Chakar
15 Union Council No. 126 Bahadar Pur Chan Walla, Near Nizam Oil Mill, Lodhraan Road.


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