Finance & Planning :

The aims of that department is following

  • Formulation, distribution and monitoring of district budget (current and development).
  • Financial management and control of offices of departments of the District Government (Govt.).
  • Examination of schemes of new expenditures.
  • Liaison with the Pakistan Audit Department for the disposal of audit observations and matters regarding Departmental Accounts Committee/Public Accounts Committee business.
  • Prudent management of assets and liabilities of District Government.
  • Within the policy framework given by the Provincial Govt. preparing the Annual Development Programme of the District in coordination with all District Offices of Provincial line departments.
  • Coordination within the District Govt. Departments and with the Provincial Govt. on policy issues.
  • Registrar, Deeni Madaris & Joint Stock Companies.


Finance & Budget :

The aims of that department is following

  • Formulation, distribution & monitoring of District Budget (current & development).
  •  Financial management & control of offices of departments of District Govt. (cash management/releases).
  •  Collection of Provincial taxes & their immediate deposit into Provincial Treasury and submission of collection accounts to the Provincial Govt. Examination and advice on matters directly or indirectly affecting the District Finance.
  •  Monitoring the ways and means position/accounts of the district, Tehsil, Town Govt. with the SBP/NBP, and coordination with the Provincial Finance Department.
  • Adherence/implementations of schedules of rates prescribed by the Provincial Government.
  • Purchase of stores and capital goods for departments of District Govt. as prescribed under the Purchase Manual.