The Functions and Powers of the District Coordination Officer :

It is the duty of provincial government to appoints district coordination officer in each district. The DCO supervise all the dependent departments with proper coordination and support. It is included in his/her duties to enforce all the plans and services assigned by provincial government.

It is included in his duties to ensure that the business of all the dependent offices is carried out in accordance with the laws.Moreover to co-ordinate all the activities of dependent offices for coherent planning, development, effective and efficient functioning of the district administration is also included in his duties. Proper check and balance of excise and taxation  over  projects, services, and activities of the District Administration is also under the domain of his authorities.

He has to coordinate the flow of information required by the Zila Council for performance of its functions under the Local Government Ordinance. He has to prepare a report on assignment of progressive plans of the local government for presentation to the Zila Council in its annual gathering sessions.