Multan is famous for its ancient buildings which have become its heritage. Moreover, these master pieces are playing vital role in the beauty of Multan.

Some of them are following :

Shah Shams Tabrez( شاہ شمس تبریز ):

Shah Shams-ud-Din mausoleum is located at Baba Safra Road and half a mile away to the east of the Fort site near Aam-Khas Garden, Multan Pakistan. He belonged to Imam Jaffer Sadiq family and also known as Shah Shams Sabzwari or Shah Shams Tabrez. He was born in 1165 and died in 1276. His tomb was built in 1330 by his grandson. Shah Shams-ud-Din tomb was 39 feet higher and constructed with ornamental glazed tiles.



Haram Gate (حرم گیٹ) :

Haram Gate is located on Akbar Road. This gate is called as Haram Gate because many people say it has a Haram of the Saint Musa Pak Shaheed. There are total six gates in Multan Pakistan and four in fort of Multan, Haram Gate is also one of the oldest gates present in proper form.



Jinnah Park (جناح پارک) :

Jinnah Park is located on New Multan Road, Multan Pakistan. It’s a beautiful park. Jinnah Park also provides a number of attractions, rides and food courts. Many people daily visit the park with their families to enjoy and relax.



Ghanta Ghar ( گھنٹہ گھر) :

Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) is a beautiful building which was constructed by British rulers before 1947. The beautiful landmark is situated at Municipal Corporation Multan’s Office which is one of the busiest areas in the Multan business district. Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower) is recently reconstructed in its original form and shape.



Pak Gate (پاک گیٹ) :

Pak Gate is located on Sarafa Bazar Road near Agha Khan Health Center, Multan Pakistan. It is named after famous saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. First he was buried in Uch Shareef near his father in 1010H, but after some time his son saw his grandfather in a dream saying to get Musa out from his foot side. He was buried again in other place but after 15 years his son saw another dream to bring Musa Pak Shaheed back to Multan. Now there Mazar (Shrine) is still situated in Multan 300 feet inside Pak Gate, his follower daily visit Mazar (Shrine) for Fatiha.


Shahi Eid Gah Mosque, Multan (شاہی عید گاہ مسجد) :

It’s a grand mosque in Multan built in 1735 AD by the governor of Multan Nawab Abdul Samad Khan. It gives huge space for prayer it’s almost 250 feet by 54. The floors are created with glazes blue titles with great architectural designs. Many people daily perform their Salat (Namaz) 5 times a day.



Multan Fort (Bab-ul-Qasim) :

It was built in the 17th century it divided city, there is no fort now as it was destroyed by British. Multan Fort was created by Murad Baksh son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. This fort now looks as a part of Multan City it separated by a road which looks more like bazaar.

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