Introduction :

Multan is basically an Agriculture District. More than 80 % of the population derives its income from agriculture in one way or another. Multan not only in Pakistan but also internationally known for its huge production of  mangoes. Cotton is Pakistan’s main source foreign exchange. Central Cotton Research Institute is trying its best in the research of new types of crop cotton which is introducing through agricultural EXT wing among the farming community. Farmers can grow more food through INTEGRATED Technology which will ultimately contribute in betterment to change the economy if Pakistan.



Multan District is renowned for its unique production of cotton and mangoes . Thus leading agricultural research institutes Central Cotton Research Institute of Baha -ud-Din Zakariya University, Cotton Research Station, Mango Research Station and the Agricultural College. All personnel and infrastructure necessary for agricultural development are at Multan. It also has a rich cultural heritage.






 Executive Director Officer’s Duties :

An EDO will be responsible for following. . .

EDO will ,

  • D.C.O. Assistance in policy formulation and cases D.C.O. Which need to be submitted under the rules.
  • Properly work on approved polices.
  • To be the head of a group of district offices and its efficient administration and  management are responsible for the discipline , and assign the group ‘s offices proper conduct of business.
  •  To be responsible to  D.C.O in order to collect all the tips and rules for the taxation of District Council. Will be responsible  to  D.C.O for the proper conduct of business, and informed about the functioning of the district offices to keep.
  • D.C.O orders, rules, regulations or appear to include the departure from government policy, D.C.O. Re- submit the case to the relevant law, regulation or government. If the DCO is still disagree on report then, though, D.C.O, E.D.O; will refer the case to the Provincial Local Government Commission’s decision not to agree.
  •  The group’s regional offices are responsible for the careful observance of these rules.
  • While submitting a case for the orders of the D.C.O. it shall be the duty of the E.D.O. to suggest a definite line of action.