This Online Entrepreneur from Multan Made Half Million Rupees in 24 Hours. . .

Meet M. Tanveer Nandla

Tanveer hails from Multan. The youngest son in his family, he studied BS Information Technology from Bahauddin Zakariya University in south Punjab.

During his second semester at BZU. he chose to learn some web development since he saw the potential internet held. In those early days, he came across Google Adsense, which he used in combination with YolaSite, Yahoo GeoCities and Blogspot to earn money.

He netted $64 via Adsense in his nascent days as on the internet back in 2007.

He soon realized that internet publishing is nothing without SEO, and that’s when he learnt SEO optimization and best practices through trial and error and a combination of devouring all the tips and tricks he learnt on the internet.

His first website, went live in 2008. His competitors were brands like Hamariweb, SMS4Smile, PaperPK, etc.

Nandla claims that his website crashed because the server could barely keep up with the traffic it was getting. Later on, his Adsense account associated with PKFunda was disabled by Google due to a copyright claim on the YouTube videos. Though he can’t recall the precise figures now, he believes that PKFunda made $1500 before Google disabled Adsense.

The shutdown of PKFunda notwithstanding, Nandla had another venture in mind. After completing his studies, he built a sports-based website in 2011. Using all the knowledge he had gained over the years (mainly for content and SEO), he ensured the site was a success. This is where he started looking into event blogging more seriously.

His fiancé was the inspiration behind this idea. She helped him write articles for the website. He mentions that the fashion website started out with SEO-optimized seed content and then usual daily publication in the following days.

From the second month onwards, the site started generating money. This venture earned Nandla around $1500 from advertising.

Later on, he flipped it through a friend for $2500 on Flippa. In all, he had earned $4000 in around 2 and half months from the fashion-based website.

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